Imagine a world of extraordinary graphic design. Your website pops. Your logo is epic. Your packaging rocks. Your display ads rule. Veronica Nicole can engage your consumers upon first glance. She builds carefully crafted graphics and websites that maximize your target demographic’s experience.

From the minimalist to the whimsical to the serious to the avant-garde, Digital Art and Design by Veronica Nicole has got you covered. Your brand is unique. Veronica Nicole will customize a sophisticated graphics package to fit your distinct personality.

This Chicago-based, woman-owned graphic design company is Chicago’s premiere boutique graphic design and web design company. Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation or a small startup, our design team will launch your brand into the stratosphere. Veronica Nicole will bring your image to life.

I started off with a passion for art when I was a child. I remember when I was about 7 years old and I felt it “wasn’t fair” that I was receiving gifts on Christmas, but I wasn’t giving them – so I started drawing pictures and putting them under the Christmas tree! From that point on, I always found a way to share my artistic skill. From drawing kids at school to volunteering to paint murals.

By the time I got to High School I began trying to find my “passion” … and it always came back to the world of art. I chose to go to Florida A & M University’s School of Business and Industry where I had a concentration in Marketing. Although the college experience was amazing, I never felt I found my niche. Until… I decided to try something new.

I was working a concert when someone approached me and said: “I heard you are the creative chick, can you make me a flyer?” Without thinking I said, “Sure I can!”… But I have never done a design in my life! The next day, I snuck into my professors office, and took Photoshop form his office and ran to my dorm…. once it was installed on my computer, I ran back to his office, put it back on his desk and went back to my dorm where I stayed up all night until I figured out how to work the program.

That was the moment my life changed … I took a risk… and I found something I loved. When I gave him the design ad saw how excited he was, it was a feeling I could never describe. As I continued to practice and my reputation spread, I found out that bringing peoples visions to life was an amazing feeling.

I started off making Club Flyers… but it wasn’t enough. So I started promoting myself as a Brand Stylist. It was a much more fulfilling experience. And through all of my mistakes… all of my ups and downs, I have managed to reach clients as far and London England. All because of my talent and self-promotion.